Frequently Asked Questions

What even is body language, anyway?

Body language (or nonverbal communication) is what you use to decide if someone is a threat, or a friend. You use it to tell if someone is sarcastic or sincere, and it's the most powerful form of communication you have. If you already have a solid system and a good work ethic, body language & communication training will give you the biggest results above any other type of training.

How Can I See You In Action?

I put out a LOT of content. Check out my social media to see my videos, articles, and stories. 

If you want to see me in person, send me an email at to see if there are any events coming near you!

Can you speak at my event?

I'd love to talk with you about the details for your event! Rather than playing email-tag, let's set up a scheduled time to talk through your vision for the event. Click here and schedule your free call to get started. 

I want you to be my coach. What are my options?

I love working 1:1 with people who are determined to achieve their goal. I offer a couple different programs to make sure you're getting the exact right fit for you based on your time, your energy, your goal, and your budget. 
To find out if we'd be a good fit together, schedule a free call with me by clicking here. 

How much do you charge? What are your rates?

I customize my rates based on my clients and their unique situation and needs, which is why it's so important to book a free call with me and get a personal recommendation and quote.

I need to schedule/reschedule an appointment. How do I do that?

I've got an automatic scheduler that you can use to make an appointment with me at a time and day that works for you. On the page with the calendar, you have the option to choose your time zone (please double-check you're in the right time zone!) and then once you schedule, you'll get automatic reminders when it's time to meet. 
To log in and schedule an appointment (or reschedule a previous appointment) click here. 

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