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“From the reading of good books there comes a richness of life that can be obtained in no other way.” – Gordon B. Hinckley

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The Like Switch

The Like Switch

By ex-FBI Behavior Analyst Dr John 'Jack' Schafer

What I Love About This Book:

  • It teaches the Friendship Formula that I used to woo and win my husband (even though he totally thought I was a lesbian when we first met). 

  • It makes it easy to make friends and strengthen relationships by showing you exactly how to increase your likability and natural friendliness. 

  • Jack has been on my TV show and is scheduled to be on my podcast. He's a lovely man with so many stories and intriguing techniques to share. 

Never Split The Difference

Never Split The Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It

By ex-FBI Hostage Negotiator Chris Voss

What I Love About This Book:

  • It revolutionized my arguments, and my sales calls, so I could clearly, comfortably navigate conflict. 

  • It radically improved my relationships by transforming the way I listened and empathized with people. 

  • Chris has been a frequent guest of my show, and he (and his son, Brandon!) will be coming on my podcast soon. You'll love him. 

Book Cover by Joe Navarro

What Every BODY Is Saying

By ex-FBI Behavior Analyst Joe Navarro

What I Love About This Book:

  • It breaks down traditionally subtle body language cues and makes them easy to understand and remember.

  • Joe draws on a wealth of experience, and shares frequent stories to help you understand how he came to his conclusions. 

  • Joe worked with Jack Schafer (small world, right?) and is a prolific author whose books are almost ALWAYS a must-read. 

Spy The Lie book cover

Spy The Lie

By former CIA officers Philip Houston, Michael Floyd, and Susan Carnicero

What I Love About This Book:

  • This book is groundbreaking. The authors use a wealth of stories and examples to clearly illustrate the simple-yet-mighty 'tells' that liars can't help but use. 

  • Easy to understand and fast to implement, this book is a practical thriller that will wow you every few pages, but you'll never want to put it down.

  • My favorite lie-detection book of all!


Dangerous Personalities

By ex-FBI Behavior Analyst Joe Navarro

What I Love About This Book:

  • This is a book I wish every human being would read.

  • Discover 4 dangerous personality types, how to identify them, and how to escape them. Particularly useful: each personality type comes with a checklist of behaviors so you can quickly analyze yourself or someone you know and see how they score. 

  • My copy of the book has traveled from me, to my mom, to my police officer brother. Your own copy will be just as popular!

The Gift of Fear recommended reading

The Gift of Fear

by Gavin De Becker, leading Crime Prevention expert

What I Love About This Book:

  • This is an unspeakably useful book that was first introduced to me by my high school debate teacher, Mr Jackson. I immediately shared it with my mother and sisters, and have recommended it to every female friend and client I've ever had. 

  • This book helped to turn my paralyzing anxiety about danger into a comfortable confidence in myself, my intuition, and my skills. 

  • This is a book I recommend for all women and parents of daughters, everywhere, immediately. 

More Recommended Books:

“Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.” – Groucho Marx

Get The Truth former CIA Officers

Get The Truth

By Philip Houston, Michael Floyd, Susan Carnicero, and Peter Romary

What I Love About This Book:

  • Often, people are stumped by what to do when they suspect someone might be lying. That's exactly what this book was designed for. 

  • Stories, examples, and clearly detailed explanations will help you immediately begin to use these skills to encourage truthful confessions from your friends, family, and associates. 

  • A one-of-a-kind book, and one that totally changed the way I looked at TV crime drama cop interrogations, forever. 

Truth & Lies Mark Bowden Tracey Thomson

Truth & Lies

By Mark Bowden & Tracey Thomson

What I Love About This Book:

  • Other books simplify body language cues. This book is for readers who are ready to advance to the next level and start deciphering clues to get to the real meaning underneath. 

  • This book protects readers from making rookie interpretation mistakes by teaching them the SCAN method. 

  • Mark Bowden has been on my show several times, and has also been voted #1 body language expert in the world!

Captivate by Vanessa Van Edwards

Captivate: The Science of Succeeding With People

By Vanessa Van Edwards

What I Love About This Book:

  • It's so relatable! Here's the first line: "Hi, I'm Vanessa. I'm a recovering awkward person." This book will make you laugh, over and over and over. 

  • Vanessa details a multitude of helpful people-hacks that will make your next social or networking event feel fun instead of frightening. 

  • My first official body language training came from Vanessa's Science of People human behavior laboratory!

12 Rules For Life: An Antidote To Chaos

By Dr Jordan B Peterson

What I Love About This Book:

  • This book hits you on many levels, from the small, surface actions he uses as chapter titles, down to the profoundly meaningful psychological implications and lifelong consequences that he carefully explains. 

  • I highly recommend this book (and Dr Peterson's other products like the personality assessment and the Self Authoring Suite) for anyone who wants to create more meaning in their life. 

Hug Your Customers by Jack Mitchell: Recommended Reading

Hug Your Customers

By Jack Mitchell

What I Love About This Book:

  • Jack Mitchell explains the #1 thing businesses need to do in order to stay in business, and that is to thrill and serve their customers. 

  • This book gives practical examples that will spark ideas in your own mind of how you can hug your customers, and create the customer experience of a lifetime.

Profit First by Mike Michalowicz

Profit First

By Mike Michalowicz

What I Love About This Book:

  • This book makes you breathe a sigh of relief and turns the mysteries of money into basic, practical concepts with easy action steps. 

  • Your bank account will thank you. Your accountant will thank you. Your future self will thank you for reading and applying this book. 

The Book Of Mormon, Another Testament of Jesus Christ

The Book Of Mormon

Another Testament of Jesus Christ

What I Love About This Book:

  • This is a book I read every day. It expands on doctrine that's mentioned in the Bible, and explains more about God's love for us, and his plan for our salvation. 

  • Learn where you came from, where you're going, and why you're here. This 'plain and precious' book of scripture complements the Bible and will bring more peace, purpose, and clarity into your life and your family. 

What's Your Message by Cam Barber, Recommended Reading

What's Your Message?

By Cam Barber

What I Love About This Book:

  • This book was a revelation! I'm a professional public speaker who's regularly the crowd favorite, but even I was blown away by the useful & highly valuable techniques in this book.

  • If you speak in front of people, this book will become a well-worn favorite that you'll reference again and again. 

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