Life Of A Body Language Boss

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Meet RB

Confidence Coach & Body Language Boss

  • Growing up, her parents thought she was slightly autistic because she had such a hard time understanding and connecting to people.

  • She was always one of the smartest students in school – and the one who hid in the library during lunch.

  • When she graduated high school, she embraced unconventionality and buzzed off all her hair. 

  • In college, she started to perfect her body language skills and successfully wooed and won over her husband, Patrick (even though at first, he totally thought she was lesbian).

  • After rigorous study, she was  certified as a body language expert by a private human behavior research lab.

  • She rides a loud cruiser-style motorcycle to her speaking engagements and owns too many leather jackets.

  • She LOVES animals of all kinds. 

  • She loves adventures like shark diving, zip lining, and escape rooms. 

Life Of A Body Language Boss

Now based in Fort Lee, Virginia, USA

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RB Kelly, Body Language Boss