Pass it around to your boss, coworkers,  and the event attendees, or save it for future reference.


Tell me all about your event, your team, and your dream. Let's talk travel dates, extras, and speaker fees to make sure you're getting the perfect presentation for your event.


Get kudos for life every time one of the attendees says to you, "Remember that body language presentation? I'm so glad you booked that - you're the best."


What Rachel B. Kelly's Clients Have to Say

"She's a powerhouse... Valuable information and a dynamic presentation. R.B. Kelly's lively, engaging presentation on body language had my group completely fascinated."

Judy Barrett, Broker, Owner, Realtor

"R.B., I have been to many sales training courses throughout my life... Your class was without a doubt one of the very best and most useful presentations I've ever seen."

Sean Wingate, HBR North Shore Regional President

"We all think we know how to read the body language of others, but R.B. has tremendous knowledge and insight."

David Hermann, Banking Professional

"R.B. has a firm knowledge of her subject and is clear, concise, and very personable. She is professional and fun, honest as she offers constructive instruction, and warm and precise in her delivery.... She is a definite 'must have' if you are serious about raising the bar for yourself and your business."

Kathy Whalen, Independent Beauty Consultant and Sales Director

"I could listen to her talk for hours... She is extremely knowledgeable and captivating. She speaks directly and clearly to the audience and really knows her stuff. If you have the opportunity to invite her, I highly recommend it."

Erika Lehmkuhl, Realtor and Attendee

"I immediately noticed that she had a great presence in the room and there was a confidence about her that brought a lot of energy to everyone else."

Marion Diop, Allstate Business Consultant

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"Once a client decides to work with me, they are my #1 priority, and I am obsessed with making sure they are 100% satisfied and happy. 

"To me, 'satisfying a client' isn't just delivering a thrilling presentation that captivates the audience and delivers tangible skills they can start practicing immediately. That's a must, but a client still deserves even more.

"At your event, I arrive early and stay late. I talk with attendees, answer spontaneous Q&As, and I'm available for executive workshops, break-out sessions, and private consultations free of charge. I'm at your service to MC, fill unexpected time slots, and provide follow-up sessions to attendees. 

"And before the presentation even happens, I strive to be easy to work with. I reply promptly, I'm flexible, and I keep my word. 

"I've been requested as a speaker in Hawaii, across the mainland US, in South Korea, and even in Britain. I've done my best for those clients. Will you let me do my best for you?"


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What Do Audiences Think of R.B.?

"You're captivating. You capture our attention from the moment you walk onto the stage, and you never give it back."

"A powerhouse.... You taught my team things that had been bothering me for years, but I didn't know how to verbalize them."

"You had my group completely fascinated!"

"I didn't expect to laugh so hard!"

"We're normally a tough crowd, but you had them in the palm of your hand."

"I loved the Q&A! No matter how out-there the question was, you had a clear and reasonable answer that helped everyone in the room." 


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