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What Your Outer Appearance Says About You

Updated: Feb 23, 2019

People typically make up their minds about you before you have a chance to open your mouth and defend yourself.

This means that people are mostly judging you based on your body language and outer appearance. Maybe they'll use your voice tone and word choice to refine that impression a little - maybe not.

Either way - this means that you need to be AWARE of your outer appearance, and PURPOSEFUL about the messages you're sending.

I'm not suggesting you use your outer appearance to lie to people.

I'm suggesting just the opposite: you use your outer appearance to TELL THE TRUTH about who you really are. Your appearance should be a blend of two things: 1. Your personality, and

2. The situation/expectations of your environment.

Are you fun, fabulous, and wild? Make sure people know that before they ever speak to you, so you can attract more fun people and encourage the people whose personalities will clash with yours to stay away.

Are you high-maintenance, obsessed with appearances, and snobby? If you are, make sure your appearance keeps the peasants away! If you're not, but you LOOK like you are, then your appearance is driving away potential friends and connections.

Are you conservative, stern, and hard-working? Your appearance can protect you from frivolous, time-wasting people, or accidentally bring them to you. Make sure you're being deliberate!

Are you dowdy, fashion-less, and average? You're not, but you might be dressing like you are! And that's a huge turn-off for friends, employers, and potential connections. When your outer appearance broadcasts the personality that's on the inside, you get to attract more of the people you'll like, drive away the people you won't like, and save time through the entire process. This is MORE authentic, honest, and powerful than dressing to blend in.

Bonus: You get to feel fabulously confident in what you're wearing, and that comes across in your body language, too.

If you want personal feedback on how people are judging you (and what you can do about it), and one-on-one assistance in crafting your perfect first impression, then we should talk.

Click the link to schedule a consultation with me to figure out what messages you want to be sending with your outer appearance - and how you can make sure you are.

Too shy for a 1:1 conversation? These 2 videos will also help.

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