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How To Learn More About Body Language

Updated: Feb 23, 2019

After a speaking event, I'm often pulled aside by total strangers and asked, "What did you notice about MY body language?"

That's very common, because once someone understands how crucial their nonverbal communication truly is, they are eager to dive right in and learn as much as they can.

When you're ready to learn more about your nonverbal communication, there are a few different paths you can take.

1. The Fool: Use Google and mainstream TV shows as a guide to proper body language and lie detection. Be wrong about basically everything.

2. The Lurker: You can follow me and other body language experts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Read our articles, watch our videos, and get more information, but no in-depth study.

3. The Course-Taker: Take an online course or attend an in-person workshop from me, Science of People, Paul Ekman, Scott Rouse, Janine Driver or others. Learn cool in-depth information, but because there's no one-on-one feedback or ongoing support and training, it's up to you to try and implement what you learn.

4. The Committed Learner: Work one-on-one with a body language expert to get feedback on your exact body language cues, how they may be misinterpreted, and get real-time support and training for changing your body language habits. Get accountability and ongoing expert training on how to read the body language of others, and support and advice on using your body language in real life.

Obviously, you get the best results from working one-on-one with an expert, but a lot of people are afraid to take that step because they're too scared to talk about the cost.

What they don't know is that any coach worth their salt will have multiple programs and payment plans available so that each client can find the right program at the right price.

Whether you're a public speaker, a business professional, a job seeker, a loving spouse, or a single dater, you have multiple options for learning more about your nonverbal communication to become the most charismatic, perceptive, and persuasive version of yourself possible.

If you like my personality and content, then we'd probably be a good fit. I'd love to speak with you about your exact situation, discover the big goals you're working towards, and recommend a body language program unique to you.

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