Increase your professional effectiveness by learning the universal nonverbal cues of trustworthiness, authority, and likability.  Training is available to individual clients through coaching, and large groups through public speaking.

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Humans are complex social creatures who communicate mostly using nonverbal cues that are sent and interpreted almost entirely subconsciously.

In other words, you use nonverbal and verbal behaviors to tell people exactly what to think of you...

And people listen. 

By changing the communication cues you're sending, you directly influence how and what people think about you. 

By working with RB to create more confidence & charisma in your life, you'll dismantle your old mask piece by piece, and let best, boldest version of yourself shine through.



Note the folded arms, hands hugging the body, hunched shoulders, lowered head, and nervous expression. 

This doesn't look like someone you'd trust with your money, reputation, or team - this looks like someone who needs help. 


Note the comfortable shoulders, the strong posture, the confident hand gesture, and the friendly smile. 

This person looks confident, friendly, and capable. This is an example of ideal body language!


Notice the chin in the air, the puffed out chest, and the wide stance of the arms. 

This person has gone beyond confidence and into arrogance. This isn't someone you want to work with - it's someone you want to knock down a peg!


Even though all 3 photos show the same person with the same clothes, makeup, and facial features, each photo leaves a wildly different impression. 

Your body language is far more important than anything you could wear and almost anything you say. 

What's your body language saying about you?


What Rachel's Clients Have to Say

"She's a powerhouse... Valuable information and a dynamic presentation. R.B. Kelly's lively, engaging presentation on body language had my group completely fascinated."

Judy Barrett, Broker, Owner, Realtor

"R.B., I have been to many sales training courses throughout my life... Your class was without a doubt one of the very best and most useful presentations I've ever seen."

Sean Wingate, HBR North Shore Regional President

"We all think we know how to read the body language of others, but R.B. has tremendous knowledge and insight."

David Hermann, Banking Professional

"R.B. has a firm knowledge of her subject and is clear, concise, and very personable. She is professional and fun, honest as she offers constructive instruction, and warm and precise in her delivery.... She is a definite 'must have' if you are serious about raising the bar for yourself and your business."

Kathy Whalen, Independent Beauty Consultant and Sales Director

"I could listen to her talk for hours... She is extremely knowledgeable and captivating. She speaks directly and clearly to the audience and really knows her stuff. If you have the opportunity to invite her, I highly recommend it."

Erika Lehmkuhl, Realtor and Attendee

"I immediately noticed that she had a great presence in the room and there was a confidence about her that brought a lot of energy to everyone else."

Marion Diop, Allstate Business Consultant


Body Language Expert and Founder of Body Language Boss LLC

  • Growing up, her parents thought she was slightly autistic because she had such a hard time understanding and connecting to people.

  • She started studying body language books in high school to try and fit in.

  • In college, she started to perfect her body language skills and successfully wooed and won over her husband, Patrick (even though at first, he totally thought she was lesbian).

  • After rigorous study, she was  certified as a body language expert by a private human behavior research lab in January 2017.

  •  She helps her clients balance assertiveness and likability so they can ask for what they want – and get it!

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