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Are you hungry for more excellence, freedom, and triumph in your personal and professional life?  Do you have the daring to abandon what’s not working and try a bold new strategy? Welcome to Body Language Boss.

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How It Works

Humans are complex social creatures who communicate mostly using nonverbal cues that are sent and interpreted almost entirely subconsciously.

In other words, you use nonverbal and verbal behaviors to tell people exactly what to think of you...

And people listen. 

By changing the communication cues you're sending, you directly influence how and what people think about you. 

By working with RB to create more confidence & charisma in your life, you'll dismantle your old mask piece by piece, and let best, boldest version of yourself shine through.

Meet RB

Confidence Coach & Body Language Boss

  • Growing up, her parents thought she was slightly autistic because she had such a hard time understanding and connecting to people.

  • She was always one of the smartest students in school – and the one who sat alone at lunch.

  • She started studying body language books in high school to try and fit in.

  • When she graduated high school, she embraced unconventionality and buzzed off all her hair. 

  • In college, she started to perfect her body language skills and successfully wooed and won over her husband, Patrick (even though at first, he totally thought she was lesbian).

  • After rigorous study, she was  certified as a body language expert by a private human behavior research lab.

  • She rides a loud cruiser-style motorcycle to her speaking engagements and owns too many leather jackets.

  • She loves animals - all of them.

  • She loves adventures like shark diving, zip lining, and escape rooms. 

  •  She helps her clients balance assertiveness and likability so they can ask for what they want – and get it!

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How To Work With RB


Public Speaker

Captivate the audience.
Develop revolutionary new skill sets.
Change the way the audience sees the world.


Communication Advisor

Discover how the world sees you, and how to change it.
Look & feel more confident, liked, and respected.
Get what you want!

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Conflict Strategy Coach

Feel comfortable and calm while navigating conflict. Learn how to set and keep healthy boundaries that protect you and strengthen your relationships.

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Media Commentator

Enjoy a guest who can charm the camera! Get communication tips for your audience demographic, and body language commentary on the latest events.  

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